Recycling Business – How to Start One From Home

Recycling Business - How to Start One From Home

Recycling Business -Home recycling can be a lucrative business. Many people think that only giant waste companies can make money from waste. Conversely, even someone just starting out from home can potentially earn a huge income from this business.

Many people across the United States have been recycling for years, but few have realized that there is money to be made by picking up trash. In fact, waste management and recycling is a multi-billion dollar industry that employs thousands of workers across the country. The fact that very few individuals have ventured into the recycling business is not because it is not lucrative, but because few people actually know about it.

Best Business Proposal

Of course you will be handling things from your neighbours’ bins and if you are averse to manual labour, then it can be difficult to get started unless you have some capital to pay someone else to do the actual handling of the recyclables and still have the net profit. Let’s face it, some people will always want to work hard for money before starting a business, even if you present them with a bulletproof business plan.

Home recycling is probably one of the best deals you’ll ever hear. An unlimited supply of recyclables, low start-up costs, high-profit margins and few competitors are what make this business attractive, and if you’re interested, here are some ideas to get you started.

Transport and storage

Your primary logistical concern would be shipping and storage. Having a car or truck is a definite advantage, you can easily cover a wider area in your neighbourhood, community or city. You may need to invest in a few recycling containers and set aside some space in your garage or backyard, but that’s pretty much the only capital expenditure you’ll need to run your business.

Choose your material

Initially, you need to decide which recyclable item to focus on. Will you be collecting old newspapers, old phone books, used mobile phones, car batteries, aluminium drink cans or plastics? This will help you calculate the number of recycling bins or the amount of prep space. Some items, such as car batteries, which can leak toxic heavy metals, would need more space and may not be ideal for home storage. Others like used cell phones can take up less space and can be stored in old cardboard boxes in an emergency.

Contact a recycling depot

The next step would be to contact a recycling depot or material recycling facility where you can drop off the collected materials and make the necessary arrangements. Distance is an important factor – the closer the device is to your home, the lower the shipping costs would be. Other recyclers and dealers, such as Pacebutler Corporation in Edmond, Oklahoma, which buys used cell phones, would actually pay your shipping costs. If you are planning to collect old cell phones, go online and check the purchase price of used cell phones.

Map your collection points

One last step before you go on your collecting rounds. Identify your collection points – these are places or establishments located at different locations in your service area where people can bring their recyclables. Cultivate contacts, and make new friends on your travels – this is very important for your recycling business or any business. Your contacts and friends in the community are people who would like to see you succeed and can help you identify strategic places to leave bins, boxes or containers for your collection efforts.

These are the basic steps to start recycling from home. Get to work, write everything down on paper and fill in the numbers according to your specific situation. If you’ve been recycling for years in a sincere desire to protect the environment, you’re doing the right thing, and I admire you for it. But making money while recycling is a better idea. Start your recycling business today – it’s an opportunity definitely worth considering.

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